I was born and raised in kentucky, right across the river from Cincinnati. I’m sure you can imagine but its far from a veg-friendly city. I struggled with my weight pretty much my entire life. I only felt comfortable wearing sweatpants and t-shirt Being a Tom-boy from Kentucky, I had a natural love of basketball. Luckily staying active, helped save me from obesity during my younger years due to my horrible eating habits. I tried every diet trend, but I could never fully commit. So after my first year of college, I stopped playing basketball and gained my “freshman 15″ pretty quickly. One night, I was watching a movie with mom and I got up to use the restroom. I decided to get on the scale, and the number that I read made my heart drop. I was in complete denial about my weight problem. The moment I read 206 on the bathroom scale was the moment I realized that I needed a lifestyle change. So I told my mom a wanted help because I knew the way I was living was not living.
Soon after we went to a dietitian. They weighted me and measured my bones and height. They told my me average weight should be 127. Meaning I would have to lose 79 lbs to be in my average weight bracket. I was giving up before I was out the door. Of course they had me trying diet pills, while I counted calories. Something insideĀ me was telling me that pharmaceuticals was not the answer. So I went to a local book store. I go to check out the best seller section, and instantly I spotted a book call “Skinny Bitch”. Not only was I so intrigued that I could not put it down, but it was the more brutally honest thing I have ever read. I remember reading something, and I looked at my mom and said “I am never eating meat again!” I told her she could eat my leftover filet mangion wrapped in bacon in the fridge. Now it’s nearly 7 years later and 95lbs lighter and I’m feeling great! Veganism is done much more than that for me, It has not only taught me how to live a healthy holistic life, but also how to love and stay in tune with my body, the universe and all the creatures around me.

I really want to strive that everything that I talk about is based on my own personal experience with my plant-based diet. You will have your and personal experience on this journey as well. Not every single thing that worked for me will work the exact same way for you. Keep in mind that we were all created differently for a reason, so we can learn to love and embrace the beauty God gave us.


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      Thank you, that was a beautiful story. Dialysis is not necessary, your correct. The first time I heard about ancient Chinese medicine, was through a Nexflix documentary called “The Gerson Therapy”. Max Gerson (from Germany) discovered a cure for cancer as well as other diseases, using a whole-foods/plant based diet, coffee enemas and juicing. God created our bodies to heal itself. The Pharisaical industry is a multi-billion dollar industry (along with meat and dairy industry) that will make your believe what they want you to. That’s why it is important that we educate OURSELVES like this man did, to find alternative medicines and way of life!

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